From the Source

"Dedicated and experienced tutors are a rarity. The school noticed
an improvement within the first 6 weeks."


"My son has special needs, when he first started he couldn't construct
a proper sentence. He is now undergoing GCSE retakes achieving level 5 in his writing, thanks to the tutors at TLC."


"I jumped four grades in 3 months, ending up with a level 8 in my Maths GCSE! The tutors were great, they swiftly identified my areas of weakness and helped me achieve a grade I only dreamt of attaining."


“Great tutors are hard to find with GCSE/11+ preparation,
but I hit the jackpot with the tutors at TLC. ”



We pride ourselves on providing personalised tuition to help our students achieve their absolute best. 
Their success is our success.


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